Circumcision Side Effects

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Circumcision Side Effects

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One of the most common side effects of circumcision is meatitis. This inflammation can occur in
the urethral opening in children. It is rare but it can cause bleeding, infection, and even pain. It is
a self limiting problem that …

Circumcision Treatment for Infants

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General anesthesia is the best option for infant circumcision. This will put the child completely to
sleep and relaxes his reflexes so that the circumcision will be easier and more painless. Caudal
Anesthesia, on the contrary, blocks pain in the …

How to choose an Air Conditioner

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It can be complicated to invest in an energy efficient air conditioner. There are many
components that make up an air conditioner such as the compressor, condenser, air handler,
evaporator, etc. The right air conditioner is one that efficiently handles …

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